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Elections in the USA

Elections in the USALet’s focus on three points. The first point is obvious to everyone and everywhere, especially in the interesting time we live in: when we want to talk about the economy, we can not avoid talking about politics, now it is impossible to separate them.

The second point that we will discuss is the fact that the electoral process in the United States is rather convoluted, but, significantly, the process itself has a huge impact on the range of economic, domestic, foreign policies of candidates. To a greater extent than in other countries the process itself influences the selected policy of the candidates.

The third point – we’re talking primarily about people, about the two candidates for president of a pretty big country, their biographies and activities are also an important factor that affects their internal and external policies. People are different, Obama and Romney, they differ in age (Obama is younger on 14 years), differ in various other characteristics of life experience – they have very little in common.

Let’s start from the first moment: the process of selecting the presidential candidate of the two parties. That is, there is the third party, but we’ll leave that aside and focus on the two main parties: the Democratic and Republican. About the Democratic Party there is nothing special to say, as the current president is a member of the party. The whole process of selecting a candidate from the Democratic Party is not quite essential, as Obama is, was and will be during this period.

Let us turn to the Republican Party. It is in an interesting and somewhat poor condition after the presidency of George W. Bush. The party is a compound of groups; in the Republican Party there are three main groups.

The first group is associated with the business and financial organizations – “fiscal conservatives” are people who talk about tax cuts, some do not want to pay taxes in principle, some of them earn little money, some a lot.

The second group are the “social conservatives”, the people who are opposed to abortion, gay marriage, this kind of things, a strong core of people who have moral principles and this is the most important for them.

The third group are people who emphasize the role of the US in the international arena, in international organizations, NATO and the UN; they believe that national security is one of the main factors determining the policy of the country, that is, looking from the perspective of national security.