Voting Research

News Media

The media has been a fairly important not only to various news stories but also to the reporting of the presidential elections. The news media researches the facts of the election and has reported it as accurately as possible to the public time and time again.

The news media has been an important asset not only the presidential candidates but also to the general public. During the presidential elections there have been ads run on television as well as in newspapers that have depicted one candidate in a not so flattering light while the other candidate seems like a better match for office and vice versa. Without the investigative tools of the news media these exaggerations may be taken at face value.

Reporting of the key parts of the presidential elections has also been a big job for the news media when it comes to the electoral race. Every step in every state is reported by the media not only on a national level but on a local level as well. Throughout the electoral process the candidate’s previous experience has been reported to the general public as well as the views and values of the candidate. Interviews have often times been done with different reporters on shows by the candidates as well.

The public has relied on the reporting skills of the news media to tell them about the big stories in which they would otherwise not know about. Details are given through the media that may have otherwise not come to light without the resources and digging of the media. Truths as well as exaggerations may be the forefront of the reported news but the public can always decide what they do or don’t believe. It has always been a very important tool in the time of the presidential elections to the general public.