Voting Research

Reporting US Elections Results

Election day can be a very stressful day not only for the candidates running for the presidential office but also for all that have followed the elections over time. There is a timeline however on how results are reported.

On election day the voting polls are typically closed according to their time zone status. On the eastern coast the polls are closed at the earliest 7pm while the latest that they are closed is 8pm. The latest poll that is open is in Hawaii, coming in at 1am. Typically as the polls close the electoral as well as the popular votes are reported as they are finished. This helps for the statistically feasible outcomes to be considered. Results are reported in full in the early morning hours.

Sitting on the edge of one’s seat on election day may be stressful. Although the process may be stressful as well as seemingly slow it is consistent in the fact that it will be reported in the same exact way time and time again.