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Sex and American Politics

On October 28, 1973, The New York Times quoted Henry Kissinger as saying “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

Somehow, sex and politics always wind up going to bed together. Brilliant and promising careers have been utterly destroyed by, what seems, and uncontrollable urge to have sex by these powerful people. Could it be that power is an aphrodisiac of sorts? Or is it just that the American public expects too much from these mere horny mortals?

Powerful men know that their status is quite appealing to the opposite sex; therefore, the mischievous ones take advantage of that convenient fact by going on prowling mode while on the campaign trail, or while holding public office.

But what is a sex scandal without an audience? The love/hate relationship that Americans hold for such things is a mystery to many around the world. Media frenzy at its best descends with all its pomp upon the political sex scandal like a school of piranhas over a dying animal. And regardless if the public feels disappointed or vindicated, we all want the sleazy details.

Therefore, before you exercise your right to vote, always sprinkle your hopes with a tad of sarcasm and a drop of cynicism. Somehow, that helps you save face in case your favorite candidate has a wandering… eye.