Voting Research

United States 2008 Elections

2008 was a memorable year as far as presidential elections were concerned. In 2008 the United States very first African-American president was elected. This action changed politics for many while others saw it just the same.

Barack Obama was the democratic candidate who had a running mate in Joe Bidden. Obama was running up against John McCain with the running mate Sarah Palin. Obama and Bidden took a majority electoral vote as the Democratic Party coming in at 365 while McCain and Palin as the republican representatives came in at 173. The popular vote between these two parties was slightly closer coming in at 52.9 percent for Obama and 45.7 percent for McCain.

This election was highly publicized for various different reasons. One of these reasons being that this would be a huge milestone in the history of the United States if a black president was elected. Since Obama was elected as president this election was one for the history books.