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United States 2012 Elections

If 2011, according to researchers, was called the year of revolutions and shocks, 2012 was christened as the election year. Russia, USA, France, China and Iran – from the person who stood and stayed at the head of these countries depends not just the global stability, but also what the life of each person anywhere in the world will be.

2012 was the year when the results of the US presidential elections were on the agenda in many countries.

November 6, America chose the head of the state. By themselves the elections were indirect. On this day Americans vote for the lists of the authorized representatives of the candidates for president. They are the ones who make up the Electoral College. This Collegium on a certain day – December, 17 – vote (usually the vote is a formality) for that or another candidate.

The need for such a two-step procedure is caused by the fact that the US is a federal state, and the legitimacy of the president is determined by the support of the majority of the states, not the number of votes nationwide. Because otherwise the victory to that or another candidate can provide two key states – California and New York, where 60 million people live. And anything wouldn’t depend on vote of small the states. Therefore, each state has a predetermined quota – the number of electors. President to win needs to collect 270 electoral votes, each of which is elected separately from each of the 50 states of the country.

In the center of the political struggle the current President Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, and his opponent – Republican Mitt Romney appeared. Both came to the finish with almost identical results.

Pre-election speeches at rallies were accompanied by performances of well-known American rappers (mostly blacks) who reminded in their performances of the national equality of all; and by grateful words of miraculously healed children, who have recovered due to Obama’s health program.

Proceeding from the balance of forces on the places, before the elections the majority of independent observers pointed out that the current president had more ways to win than the leader of the opposition. Now America continues its hard recovery from the effects of the recent severe financial crisis, so that the main concern of voters were related to economic well-being – both personal and national. Above all, Americans are worried by the unemployment rate, which is about 8%, and it was the most vulnerable spot in the pre-election position of Obama.

Foreign policy themes in the election campaign overshadowed, but even so, relations with Russia were among them on one of the central places. So, Mitt Romney called Russia “the main geopolitical enemy” of the US. In response, Barack Obama pointedly reminded him that the Cold War is long over, and in the epoch of the struggle against terrorism completely different threats came to the fore, to reflect which a partnership of leading world powers is necessary. The activity of American voters is very high. Virtually every citizen wants to vote using their constitutional right. Many people voted by sending their voice by mail. The others stood in queues for hours to vote.

According to the about 59,2 million Americans voted for Obama (these are 303 electoral vote at the necessary 270), and for Romney voted – about 56,7 million (206 voices).

Barack Obama was reelected as US President.