Voting Research

US Elections

The government throughout the United States is all chosen in much the same way no matter what office he or she may be running for. The vote by the common citizen holds the power of almost each and every election that goes on.

Throughout the year there are typically several elections that are held. Some elections may be for the local government officials that directly impact the everyday lives of the residents within their jurisdiction. There are two main political parties that each individual usually registers as when they register to vote which is democrat or republican. The Democratic Party has won presidential office a total of 16 times while the Republican Party has held office a total of 18 times.

While the typical voting for each election is geared toward a particular party it does not mean that a person must vote for the party for the rest of their lives. In fact it is more reasonable for a citizen to listen to each candidate and their views before making a decision no matter what the office may be. Swing voters are those voters that vote across party lines. They may not see the point of voting for a candidate in the party that they are registered to vote as because they do not trust in their character or agree with the values set forth by that particular candidate so they will vote across party lines.

Elections and the voters that participate in them are crucial to the way that the government runs. Without a knowledgeable voter the system would no longer work as it has in the past. Voting has been a right to each and every American citizen with the exception of a few that does not meet the requirements. They also have the right o be as informed about what each and every candidate stands for no matter what the office.