Voting Research

Voters Turnout

Voters have been a crucial asset to any and all elections that have ever taken place. It has always been important for as many voters to come out to the voting polls as possible. Voting has been a staple to the right of every American citizen.

Each person that is a registered voter in their designated area has the right to cast their vote in a private booth without any form of persuasion from any other party. It has always been important in elections for all citizens to express this power because without the vote that particular citizen’s voice is not heard. During the presidential vote there are typically other offices that are more local that are up for grabs as well. All of these elected officials impact each and every citizen individually. One may not think that they president directly effects their paycheck but it has been shown that it is quite the contrary.

There is a ladder in which these elected officials follow. The president is merely at the top handing things down. He or she will ultimately be putting into effect new laws and changing others. Making decisions on how the United States is run will fall on the shoulders of the president and their cabinet. This will directly affect all of the citizens living in the country. Having people from all walks of life, all ethnicities, all social classes and all religions is very important. This will ultimately keep the vote fair and equal. All people have the right to vote, not just those with white collar jobs.

Some in the past have said that if one decides to not vote they are giving up their freedom to speak, their freedom to make a decision about the well being of themselves as well as their communities as an American whole. Others have said that if one has not voted in an election than they have no right to complain about the president running the government. Deciding which is right and wrong is optional, voting being important however is not optional.