Voting Research

Voting Online Helps Online Shops

The act of voting is a crucial element of a democratic system. Many countries in this world would not be able to function properly if they lacked a democratic voting system. Placing a vote means expressing your opinion and giving voice to your thoughts. Today, voting is an undeniable right for all the people of the world.

Voting means expressing an option: you like either that candidate or another. Because it implies the simple act of choosing, voting has many sociological implications. Humans basically live their existence around the act of choosing an option or another: what shirt to wear, what school to go to and so on.

Voting is not just a political act. It can be used in many fields. That is why today voting or choosing something from a bunch of options is constantly present in advertising and online shopping. Retailers and ad men constantly make pools and develop questionnaires in order to determine the audience’s preferences. The internet is famous for being a free speech zone where people can go and express their opinions without consequences. People can also vote on what music is good, what movie is bad, not to mention that online politics and online political campaigns have developed into a huge industry today. Online businesses develop online polls in order to plan their future ad campaigns and discounts based on the public’s preferences.