15 Ways you can Spot Online Poker Players at Live Poker Tables


Those of us who had played live poker regularly can usually spot the online poker players a mile away. Here are 16 things you can look for that’ll help you identify “the online guys” sitting with you at the felt.

  1. Online players shuffle their poker chips on Poker Padz, which is poker table-shaped mouse pad.
  2. After losing, they shout out: “this game is set up!”
  3. When someone cracks a joke at the table, and while everyone else is laughing they just say “lol” or “ROFL!”
  4. They call a floor-person as a moderator.
  5. They’ll be extremely miserly about tipping dealers, however, they will consistently instruct them to “ship it” when they win a pot.
  6. For registering they will ask for SNG or MTT to the poker room manager.
  7. After losing a major pot, they challenge the champ to a heads-up match.
  8. During a poker tournament, they’ll take a 5-minute break every hour.
  9. After a 12-hour session, they’ll quit and announce they need to head home for some “scheduled server downtime”.
  10. They’ll state they’ve been playing poker expertly for a long time.
  11. They’ll justify a bad call by claiming it was a “misclick”.
  12. They continue referring to the huge stack at the table as “villain”.
  13. When you ask them their names, they’ll say something like “johnny123” or “xxxb0mb3r”.
  14. They’ll take a look at the bad beat jackpot display and say “I made more than that in Rakeback last year”.