3 Things to Do Immediately When a Loved One Dies


Losing someone you love can be very difficult, and planning their funeral is filled with lots of little details. Getting started can be troublesome due to the shock of loss, but you should try to have a clear head when planning. Here are some things you should do immediately after someone passes away to make the process move forward.

Report Their Death

One of the first things you’ll want to do for your deceased loved one is to report their death to the authorities and start the process of getting a death certificate. If your loved one dies in a health facility, the staff will be able to walk you through the proper steps. However, if you’re not in a medical center then you’ll need to call 911 and inform the authorities of the situation. Once they arrive, you’ll just need to provide information and get a funeral director to complete the death certificate.

Find a Funeral Director

A funeral director will be able to complete the certificate of death and take care of your loved one’s body until you have made the appropriate arrangements. Your funeral director will want to know if the body is to be cremated or buried as well as the type of service you’ll want to hold. If the deceased made plans before their demise, then you’ll need to work with the funeral home with their information. Make sure to check any documents to see if your loved one had Funeral Expense Insurance to help cover the costs of their burial or cremation.

Decide on the Type of Service

There are different types of services you can hold to honor a loved one that has passed away. A funeral can be held before the burial or cremation takes place. Memorial services take place after the body has already been cremated or buried. In a graveside service, the funeral takes place at the gravesite. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it is appropriate and every family member and loved one is informed of the location of the service and what time it takes place.

Losing a loved one is hard, but having the funeral arrangements taken care of can make things a lot easier to deal with. You can get through any trying times as long as you make sure to keep moving forward and make swift decisions for the body of your loved one after they’ve passed on.