3 Ways to Pay Respects in a Taoist Funeral in Singapore


If you’ve never been to a Taoist funeral in Singapore before, know the standard practices and traditions before attending one. You don’t have to worry about much if you’re attending as a guest, but doing these traditions right will show your respect to your deceased loved one. It will also show respect to their family and their beliefs. Here are three ways to show your respect during a Taoist funeral.

Wear the right clothes.

The appropriate attire depends on a few factors of the Taoist funeral services in Singapore. You may wear white or brown burlap clothes, though black is becoming more accepted due to Western influence. Because of this, you can choose whichever colour you like. If you are the son or son-in-law of the deceased, wear a black armband. If the deceased died naturally at age 80 or over, the funeral becomes a celebration of long life. Feel free to wear pink or red during these funerals.

Partake in the traditions

The funeral director would have prepared the rituals if the family availed of a Taoist funeral package in Singapore. These funeral services provide candles and joss sticks. They place them around the altar for friends and family to use. If you’d like to offer prayers and respect, you may light a candle or joss stick. During one of the rituals, you may burn joss paper money and other items made of joss paper to give material things to the deceased soul. It’s also expected for friends and family to mourn as loudly as they can to show respect.

Give gifts to the deceased and their family.

A funeral services package in Singapore would have prepared food offerings during the ceremony. If you want to give a gift to the deceased, the best and most accepted gift is money. This money is almost always used to pay for the funeral. You can also bring a flower wreath, depending on if the family would appreciate it.

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