4 Modern restaurant furniture design concept that are trending in 2019

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Restaurant designs are changing with every passing year. If you have not adapted to these changes already, then it is time you give your restaurant a makeover too. This article will specially focus on the recent trends and designs that you will see a lot in restaurant furniture in the year 2019.

Who does not love change once in a while? It can be refreshing for your establishment and even for your customers. If you are looking to invest in a property and open your own restaurant, then keep in mind these furniture designs. It will improve your entire styling game.

  1. Design Fusion

In the past couple of years, a lot of restaurant owners have opted for this method and it is till trending. This method involves mixing different designs within one restaurant. For example, you can use casual furniture designs in the front bar and go for a more formal look in the dining room. This will give customers the option to choose the kind of ambiance they are looking for. Depending on their mood, be it formal or casual, your restaurant will offer them a solution.

The better your concept, the better is the chance for its longevity. Investing in new furniture can be costly but it is better to go with a brand that will assure you quality, such as restaurant furniture

  1. Customization Is the Key

A lot of restaurant owners do not like to invest in mass produced furniture and like to give their restaurant a personal touch. This can help restaurants to stand out amongst the crowd. Since everyone is buying mass produced furniture, a lot of restaurants give the same feel. This is the reason more and more owners are customizing their furniture with special fabrics, colors, patterns and designs adding their personal touch. Owners have now got the chance to uniquely call these designs their own. Custom furniture is growing in trend.

  1. Storage Tables

This is a very unique style in which owners are trying to enhance customer experience. These are convenience furniture that will give customers a place to store their belongings. For example, they can keep their purse in the respective place instead of putting it in the ground or hanging it on the back of the chair. Thinking about customers and improving their dining experience will result in building your brand name. Many a time couple table and chairs are quite compact in size and do not have space to keep things on the top. This is when storage tables can come to use.

  1. Multi-Functional Furniture

The entire industry of furniture design is leaning towards compact and multi-functional furniture. They consume less space and offer more features. More and more owners have taken the method of using non-traditional, multi-functional and compact furniture in their restaurant. Even eco-friendly furniture has been in the hype for a long time. This furniture is made from recyclable materials such as warm woods including bamboo. You will also find them in different colors such as oft chocolate to light pink across the surface.

People have started focusing more on greenery and restaurant owners are adding more plants to their furniture. Not only does it give a minimalistic look but also help bringing in fresh air to the place. This can help in improving consumer experience. Minimalism has been on the high and people have opted cold industrial style design.