5 Indicators It’s Time to Invest in A Freight Procurement Software


The logistics of transporting goods have become increasingly demanding. Freight forwarding companies require full visibility into shipments’ whereabouts and expected arrival times.

However, how do you keep up and improve the current procedures? In light of the industry’s changing needs, you must invest in freight procurement software. Here are indicators that should convince you that it’s time to upgrade.

1. You want to save money.

Freight procurement software helps reduce daily operational costs, see through supply chains, and manage risk to control freight costs.

2. Your net profit is declining.

Many businesses are experiencing a decline in profits due to the rising cost of docking space.  A freight system, also known as transportation management software, can provide an advantage in the form of data-driven analytics by collecting, curating, and compiling essential data sources. It assists businesses in learning what is effective, what isn’t, and where they can make improvements.

3. You can’t track your packages.

As a company, it’s ideal for guessing where your packages are or wasting time waiting for them to be checked. If you have a TMS system, it will allow you to monitor your packages at any time, day or night. As a result, you’ll find shipment tender easier and reduce the likelihood of missing shipments and delivery delays.

4. You are still paper-based.

A freight procurement software can save time and effort by streamlining business operations and increasing efficiency. Manual typing can affect daily operations negatively as it only leads to more problems down the line.

5. You deal with encoding mistakes.

A freight procurement software automates the data input processes done manually through spreadsheets. It serves various purposes, from organising data points to preserving financial records.

Freight management has never been easier or more efficient than it is now, thanks to the cloud-based transport management system of Cargobase! If you are looking for a logistics service provider in Singapore, check out their solutions and see the difference.