5 Must-Try Authentic Foods While You’re in Makassar


If you’re about to travel to Sulawesi, don’t ever miss falling into Makassar to get a taste of the local culinary delights, from Palu Basa to Sop Sodara. They are not only flavorsome but additionally unbelievably tantalizing. The following are the 5 must-try authentic foods when you’re at Makassar.

Pallu Basa

Pallu Basa is a kind of thick soup of which essential ingredients are beef and cow’s organs, such as heart, intestine, spleen, and tripe. They’re blended with the local aromatic spices such as cumin, ginger, clove, cinnamon, galangal, and lemongrass. The last touch is to add the tamarind water, palm sugar, and grated coconut oil. It’s frequently munched on along with raw egg yolk.


Buras is most likely the food of Makassar. The lontong-like dish is made from rice wrapped in a young banana leaf. It’s always served with fresh, dried grated coconut or the companion of either Coto Makassar or even Pallu Basa. To locate this tacky dish, commonly eaten during traditional events and religious celebrations, is so easy — just hit the local traditional market.


Craving for the seafood of Makassar? You shouldn’t overlook Palumara, a kind of fish dish with yellow broth. The meat used to produce the menu might be milkfish, snapper, and tuna. What makes it so full of flavor and pleasant is the seasoning, highlighting kaffir lime leaves, spring onion, chilies, and tamarind. To upgrade the pungency, add lime juice and fried shallot.


Jalangkote is a kind of pastel-like snack which comes along with thick wrappers and various fillings such as diced potato, carrot, spring onion, bean sprout, and boiled egg. Those ingredients are sauteed with garlic, shallot, and pepper. Another option is going to be minced beef. To enjoy the deep-fried dish, it is generally dipped in a vinegar sauce.

Sop Sodara

Originating from the regency of Pangkep, the traditional soup underlines beef meat, fried cow’s lungs, rice vermicelli, and potato balls. This specialization is generally served with grilled fish, boiled egg, and steamed rice. Great companions might be spicy peanut sauce and cucumber pieces.

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