5 office looks to combine with your sneakers


 When Autumn arrives, we put our sandals and espadrilles away to wear the new season footwear. The same as every year, ankle boots prevail, or moccasins if you prefer a formal look. In our day-to-day, we want comfort and we get it with several options such as women sneakers by Paez. They can be combined with an office look providing the desired comfort of trainers.

Sometimes, we don’t know how to combine this kind of | escort bayanbayan escortistanbul escort | footwear with formal clothing. That’s why we want to share some advices to perfectly wear your sneakers.

#1 Black dress

Black dresses are a piece of clothes that never can miss in our wardrobe. A black dress with an A style or loose is a perfect option when you have a business meeting or one of those sizzling days you want to wear something lighter.

You can combine the black dress with a formal jacket, or even with a bomber jacket with military style when you prefer an informal look.

#2 Light dress

Dresses are a piece of clothing we usually use when we don’t know what to wear. If you want to shine with a relaxed style, always showing you are on fashion, we advise a light dress, with sleeves. This can be combined with an open sweater and, of course, your sneakers. That style is really comfortable and will help you to feel more relaxed during your workdays.

#3 Broken jeans

Jeans are always a safe bet, they are always present in our wardrobe, and if you are more adventurous, you can choose broken jeans. Despite providing an informal style that could make you hesitate about wearing this kind of jeans in the office, the result can be great if you know how to combine this piece of clothing. For example, you can combine broken jeans with a blazer to get the formal style you look for. One of the best options is to combine them with the comfort of black sneakers. Additionally, we recommend a make-up that stands out.

#4 Total blue

As we said in the previous paragraphs, jeans are an essential piece of clothing in every wardrobe. We advise to combine them with a blue blouse, a total blue look! To get a shiny touch, you can combine it with silver or gold sneakers. This is a great look for a relaxed Friday at the office.

#5 Total black

Black clothes are a must in our wardrobe. It is a really elegant color and you can wear both formal and informal styles by combining it. You can combine black jeans with striking shirts or sneakers to make your look even more impressive in a normal day at the office.