5 Steps For Aesthetic T Shirt Printing


Individuals and clothing companies alike are investing in instant t shirt printing in Singapore. However, creating artwork for tee shirt printing entails more than simply laying out and adhering to your design.

While preparing your artwork for t shirt printing, here are the five easy steps to ensure that your prints are visually aesthetic and appealing.

Maintain a small file size of the design.

Customers frequently encounter design files that are larger or smaller than expected. Some are too small, the print ends up pixelated; some are too big, the printer cannot accurately keep up. Keep your file size between 15-10 MB to ensure a smooth tee shirt printing process in Singapore.

Write a list of every colour you intend to use.

When planning your t shirt printing process in Singapore, the order in which you choose your garment and ink colours is critical. When you already have patterns, a simpler approach is possible.

Preserve a personal copy of the design.

An additional copy can serve as a backup or safety net if you need to alter the layout or forget to send it to the printing shop. Make a copy of your file before sending it for instant t shirt printing in Singapore.

Instead of CMYK, use PMS colour swatches.

Professionals prefer PMS colours due to their aesthetic and functional advantages. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for a halftone when your budget or design dictates it. Additionally, you should seek assistance before booking an appointment for same day t shirt printing in Singapore.

Maintain a DPI of at least 300.

There is a specified number of dots per inch or DPI, or it can also be used to indicate the amount of detail that an illustration can contain. By using a high DPI, you can achieve a high-level and detailed design. A low DPI setting may produce pixelated express t shirt printing in Singapore.

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