5 Ways In Which Smoking Cigarettes Deteriorates The Oral Health


With the world commemorating ‘No Tobacco Day’ recently, not many may find such awareness campaigns effective. They assume that a single cigarette every day does not harm as long as you aren’t a chain smoker. When something is considered injurious to health, it doesn’t matter what the proportion it is.

For those who find cigarettes to be cool aren’t aware of the amount of cancer-causing chemicals that go into a single piece. Most dentists at Miranda dental center tend to raise such awareness no matter what time of the year it is. They know what it does to the teeth and most importantly, the overall health.

 It is said that a person dies of tobacco-related illness in Australia every hour and so to bring about a change to those readers who indulge in smoking, here are a few things that you should know of.

You would have bad breath

No one likes it when the other person has bad breath. Smoking leads to bad breath that is often mixed with a lingering smoky smell that isn’t pleasant. Bacteria present in the mouth leads to such an odor. Letting go of tobacco use can prevent it for good as long as you want to be socially presentable.

 Unappealing mouth

When you talk or smile, the first thing that one notices is the teeth and gums. Smoking causes yellowing and staining of the teeth, which isn’t just limited to what is visible. Doctors at Miranda dental center agree that crowns and veneers if any too get stained and often need replacement. Smoking also leads to discolored gums or probably swollen gums in the worst cases as there are less blood flow and supply of oxygen.

Oral healing is delayed

When you smoke, there is a decrease in the oxygen supply and blood flow while making it difficult for the gums to heal quickly. Tooth extraction or any sort of implants leads to delayed healing while making you consume high doses of painkillers and healing medication for a very long time.

The birth of oral cancer

When you smoke, your teeth are exposed to cancer-causing chemicals like that of carcinogens. The tissues in the mouth are exposed to such chemicals constantly, and that is the reason why there are people diagnosed with oral cancer. Dentists at Miranda dental center say that even when you quit smoking, it would take at least ten years for you to get rid of the risk of contracting oral cancer.

Oral infection

Smoke, chemicals, flakes from the filters, etc. tend to settle themselves on the teeth and gums. Any Miranda dentist would say that not following good oral hygiene leads to the growth of plaque and other periodontal diseases that require high doses of medication while making it difficult to eat, drink or even chew normally.

While all of these are risks associated with tobacco consumption, not everyone tends to follow such awareness related topics. The least you could do is pay a visit to your Miranda dentist regularly and get an oral checkup. Getting rid of the habit can make things better, which may take time. Realizing the fact that your life is at risk and is not making you cool is our aim.