6 Must-Visited Beaches in Lombok


An island the size of Lombok has lots of beaches on offer. Here are a few of the must visits beaches in Lombok.

Kuta Beach

Never be confused with the much uglier Kuta Beach in Bali, Kuta Beach in Lombok is home to beautiful beaches with white sand and rocky cliffs that rise dramatically from turquoise waters! Located on the southern coast of the town, Cuba is a great spot to take surfing courses, particularly if you’re a newcomer, and there are also several boat trips which can make you island hopping.

Kuta is a prevalent location for travelers to base on the island and is therefore blessed with a significant number of excellent backpacker hostels, in addition to many boutique guesthouses and much more luxury hotels. Overall, it’s a unique destination for a few chilled out beach time in Lombok!

Selong Belanak

A lovely strip of beach in a relatively uninhabited part of the island, so you can expect a quiet time around Selong Belanak. Your leachates are most likely to be beginner surfers (the waves here are quite kind to the newcomer) and buffaloes. The very first of those companions may well join you in one of the pubs that dot the sand.

Tanjung Aan

A crescent-shaped slice of sand, Tanjung Aan is just another lovely beach, equipped with a few laid-back larungs (local pub and restaurant). A few people have complained about persistent vendors hanging out on Tanjung Aan, including reports of theft and scams (mainly related to parking so see!).


Especially recommended for its spectacular sunset-viewing possible, due to a nearby hill, Seger is a great little jewel. This place is one of the more deserted beaches on the island.


About a 20-minute driveway out of Sengiggi, you come to Nepal. Unsurprisingly, Nipah offers a much quieter beach experience than what you find in Sengiggi. Prices can vary, but you should check what you are expected to cover before you order. There, you can find yourself with a delicious sizzling plate of grilled fish in a very pleasing rate.


There are a couple different draws for the ones that visit Kecinan Bay. It is a favorite dive spot, though only acceptable for advanced divers. Lionfish, scorpion fish, and the loveable nudibranch go the underwater attractions. Speed ships are running to Gili Air that starts from the port here. Above all though, is the “Selfie Coconut Tree,” providing Instagrammers with mug shots of themselves halfway along a tree (image search “Kecinan Beach” and you’ll see what we mean). Tacky, but… undeniably appealing!

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