Thinking of where to go on a quick escape? 6 reasons to visit Malaga outside of the summer season


October in the Malaga region has a privilege difficult to find in these latitudes; a climate that is still sunny. This means that this month welcomes visitors not only with pleasant and mild temperatures, but also with a huge variety of activities for all tastes and ages.

If in the entire Andalusian territory there is a province that brings together absolutely all the good characteristics of the region, this is definitely the province of Malaga, a place where the best characteristics of its climate come together, as well as the attractive nightlife and other cities. And it is that when traveling it can be difficult for any visitor to decide on just one item from a hectic schedule. That is why in the following article we will share some of the main reasons to visit this region even outside the summer season.

A high scored destination even when the season is over!

The 320 days of sunshine a year have always been one of the main reasons to visit the city in every season. Its privileged location, flanked by the Mediterranean Sea on one side, and the mountain ranges on the other, protect this region from the harshest climates; Malaga is definitely a favorite place for those looking to escape the harshest winters.

Malaga’s beaches are also one of the main reasons. Together with the large number of sunny days, the enormous number of beaches and sunny coasts with a place to enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, they only make it an even more appealing destination for any visitor.

Malaga is also one of the most touristic provinces in all of Spain, recognized worldwide. This of course means that the city is quite well suited and used to receiving visitors from all over, and keeping them comfortable.

Among many other advantageous things about going outside of the summer season, we can find that prices and availability in accommodation and transport improve a lot and become less urgent in terms of reservations. And it is that in a lower season, simple searches such as Malaga to Marbella transfer will be enough to even move between the different cities of the province in just a few minutes.

Marbella is also known as a city where you can enjoy a pretty wild nightlife, especially now that activities have gradually returned to normal. The life of the night clubs and bars in the area is highly known as one of the best experiences in this area.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a much quieter experience, the streets of the historic center of the city will be full of bars and restaurants where sitting down to chat and have a drink is the center of the experience.