7 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Great Pets


Usually, people who want to get a pet, they go for a cat or a dog, and they do not even think about other little furry friends. Well, this article will show you why getting a guinea pig also a great option for those who want to get a pet, and do not worry. If your little friend has any problems, you can always visit Gordon Vet Hospital website and ask for help.

  1. They benefit your health

While there are still many who believe that kids should not grow up with pets, they are quite wrong. Kids who grew up in a pet-friendly environment have shown to have stronger immune systems, and they are less likely to develop allergies, not to mention that some pets are great for your heart health as well.

They help children develop social skills

  1. Guinea pigs are healthy animals

With proper food and care, guinea pigs are quite tough and generally healthy animals. There is not much that can affect them, and their care is quite simple compared to some other rodents. They do have some conditions they are prone to, such as bladder stones, and dental disease, but that can be easily avoided with proper nutrition and medical checkups.

  1. Long life-spans

While white mice, pet rats or even hamsters, tend to live about 2 years, guinea pigs have a longer life-span. On average, a guinea pig can live to be 8 years old, especially if they are taken care of properly. The oldest guinea pig lived to be 14-years-old, and he was called Snowball! If your guinea pig is sick or acting weird, you should visit https://gordonvet.com.au/marsfield-vet and ask them for help.

  1. They are easy to take care of

As it was briefly mentioned, guinea pigs do not ask for much. They need their enclosure, proper hygiene, even though they do not really require baths because they bathe themselves, fresh daily food and water, and Vitamin C. There are some veggies and fruits you should avoid, and generally foods that are high in sugar, but other than that, they will be happy with whatever you have to offer.

  1. They make unique pets

We are all used to seeing cats, dogs or even hamsters, but not many of us have seen a guinea pig. You can know how unique they actually are just by asking yourself, “What kind of a noise does a guinea pig make?” You have probably not heard it yet, and it is the cutest squeaky sound ever!

  1. Popcorning is normal and interesting

Many people who get a guinea pig will be surprised when their little friend starts to popcorn, but this is such a beautiful and fun sight to see. In young guinea pigs, this unique behavior will come out, especially when they are excited and happy. They will jump around over and over again, and some even run backwards and forwards making a mess!

They are quite adorable creatures

  1. The guinea pig purrs!

Yes, there is the unique sound that a guinea pig makes, but did you know that guinea pigs also purr? They are known to make a quite yet vibrating sound like a purr and they do this when they are happy, usually when you gently pet them.

Final word

So, if you ever thought that a guinea pig is not for you, think again. They do not need much, and while yes you do have to take care of their cages, they do not ask for much. Clean after them, feed them properly, give Vitamin C, and they will love you endlessly.