9 Tips To Buying Toys For Autistic Children


Buying toys for your little ones can be a tough challenge. They always seem to want the most popular and expensive items that are being advertised on TV. And buying toys for kids with autism is a real different story. Here’s a guide to buying toys for speech-delayed kids.

  1. Choose quality over quantity.

Too many toys are not a good idea. For autistic children, it can feel overwhelming and crowding. It is better to choose one good quality toy over many cheaper toys that will clutter your house. When you get the right item, that toy will provide a lot of hours of enjoyment for your kids. When buying kids sports toys at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, be sure to consider quality.

  1. Avoid toys with batteries.

If the toy requires batteries, you probably don’t want it. If it takes batteries, you can take them out. For instance, a really cute farm set can be great. But the barn has batteries so that it can make noises. You don’t need the barn to make noises. You want kid to make the noises!

  1. Get your kids moving.

Buy toys that will get your kids moving! Even when indoors. Making tunnels and forts are great ways to keep them moving indoors, without actually having to purchase specific toy items for that purpose. You can go for some ride-on toys that in the house that keepsyour children moving as well as balls.

  1. Encourage tactile sensations.

Look for toys that stimulate their senses. Many children that are speech-delayed have sensory problems especially tactile defensiveness. Look for toys that will encourage tactile sensations in a safe and non-threatening way.

  1. Pick toys that support social interaction development.

Teaching your kids cooperation through toys is a crucial part of growing up. Socially interactive toys are even more important for kids to help them when it comes to interacting with the wider world.

  1. Go for toys that develop motor skills.

It’s really no different from what all children need but you will probably have to face tactile defensiveness, fears,inability to balance, etc.

  1. Less complicated are the best.

Always consider your kids and the level of autism. Go for less complicated toys as they are better for children who are autistic. Choose simple and easy to use push-button toys.

  1. Consider toys that improve organizational skills.

Functional play does not only help the child with their weaknesses; it also encourages them to build upon their strengths. Autistic kids are usually good at building and understanding systems. You can encourage this by buying toys that allow them to design cars, construct elaborate towns for their dolls, and employ their visual skills. Some examples are building blocks, brain games and puzzles. Visit https://www.tinytinyshopshop.com.au/puzzles for amazing items.

  • Know that there is no “correct” way to play. 

Keep in your mind that the point of playtime is to have fun and relax—not to behave exactly like other people want you to. Allow your child to be themselves. It’s okay if their playtime looks a little different from that of other children.

There you go- 9 tips to buying toys for autistic children.