9 Ways to Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive


One of the most significant problems that people face while dressing themselves is a lack of knowledge about styling. You do not have to always get the most expensive clothes on the market to look chic and stylish. Get saving deals and offers at your doorstep by clicking on VoucherBucket.co.uk Looking expensive is mostly about how you put your outfits together to look like a harmonious whole instead of clashing pieces that break the harmony and look out of place with each other. If you want to get a makeover and transform your look, read on to find out how to make simple, cheap items look expensive.

  1. Structured Bag

Bags can complete any look and make it look well thought out. One of the best splurges you can make is on a well-structured bag. If you are not trying to spend too much money, one of the best options is to look for a good sale on a structured bag in neutral colours such as white, black or tan as these colours can transcend any season and work with such a wide array of outfits. A structured bag can make your outfits look more elegant and sophisticated.

  1. Little Black Dress

A short black dress is an evergreen, and a definite wardrobe staple. Sleek, slimming and versatile, a proper little black dress can be an everyday dress or a classy work dress with minimal styling. For a bit of spin on the classic look and a touch of personality, opt for interesting details like textured fabric or unconventional necklines.

  1. Tailored Pieces

This is one thing you need. A well-tailored pant can boost your looks and make them look so much more expensive just by making them fit perfectly. Having a few pairs of formal tailored pants can make you look well put together instantly.

  1. Camel Coat

A great way to make your winter wear look more sophisticated and expensive is to invest in a good camel coat. The colour is incredibly flattering on almost all skin colours and can help you look well put together and stylish.

  1. Turtleneck

While you would not normally associate turtlenecks with being expensive, an easy way to boost your look is to opt for a good and cheap turtleneck. With the elongated neckline and textural complexity of knitted turtlenecks, these can help you look taller and more styled. Turtlenecks look the best on taller people, so if you are short, you may need to bring out the heels.

  1. Layering

Layering can add a lot of texture to an outfit. If you are wearing a coat or a blazer, one of the simplest ways to layer is to pull the top’s sleeve down past the sleeves of the jacket so that a bit of the sleeve of the top peeks out from underneath the blazer. Layering can look pretty clumsy and haphazard, so take caution and layer only items that work together harmoniously to avoid looking messy.

  1. Whites

One of the best ways to simplify your look and have it look costly is to wear white. White can look extremely classy and while it is not an easy item to maintain, using an all-white ensemble can help you boost your look. A statement piece you can use is an all-white jumpsuit or a white fitted dress. You can also invest in a white button-down if you do not want to go for an all-white look as it can work with a variety of looks. Accessorizing white is also pretty easy, all you need to do is throw on a statement choker to complete the look. One of the key things to keep in mind while wearing white is to always opt for nude undergarments.

  1. Pointed Shoes

A wardrobe staple that can enhance any look and look intentional is to choose for a few pointed-toed shoes in black and nude. If you are looking to boost your wardrobe and keep only a few staple pieces, opt for pointed toed shoes, both flats and heels as this can work with any outfit whatsoever and look classy.

  1. Red Lip

The one makeup staple that will make your look expensive is a bold red lip. Finding the perfect red for you can be a little tricky, as different reds can look very different on different skin tones. But a right way to go is to opt for a matte red with a blue undertone as this can make your teeth look whiter. A bold red lip is timeless and can finish any look whatsoever.

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