A 5-Step Guide To Rejected Singapore Permanent Resident Application


If you’re one of the many foreigners who want to apply for a permanent resident visa in Singapore, you should know that you’re not the only one. According to a survey, over 74.3% of Chinese, 13.4% of Malays, and 9.1% of Indians have applied to become Singapore PR in 2020.

In Singapore, some factors affect the permanent resident application, such as your current citizenship, age, kinship and family ties, duration of stay, salary, and economic contribution. If your application gets rejected, here is what you should do.


  1. Wait at least six months before you submit an appeal for your Singapore PRapplication.
  1. During the six months, use that time to improve your case, including your salary grade, application letter, property amount and values, education, and community work. Also, some common reasons for application rejection are unawareness of new policies implemented in the country, lack of social integration efforts, lack of required documents, and high standards by the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority).
  1. Send an appeal for your Singapore PR after the six months cooldown period.
  1. Prepare all the crucial documents. Write a complete and consistent detail in the form. Be sure to have all scanned copies of your documents.
  1. If, by any chance, it gets rejected again, don’t lose hope. Consider working with a PR application agency in Singapore.

Getting rejected and receiving a denied application when you apply as a permanent resident in Singaporecan be daunting and depressing. Luckily, the country allows countless times of reapplication if you badly wish to make Singapore your new home. Use the six-month cooldown period to take advantage of and revise everything needed.

One good way to ensure the chances of your residency visa is by seeking a PR application agency in Singapore. Work with Singapore Immigration Partners today! You may call them at +65 6980 0668 or head to their webpage to enquire today.