A Helping Hand Counts For Fighting Poverty


Urban poverty, or poverty in general is still a problem in today’s modern world. Despite the bustling cities and innovations in the global market, there is still no unified solution to combat global poverty. The word ‘poverty’ encompasses several aspects, such as inadequate access to essential goods and services and insufficient income.

The Problem Of Poverty

Despite our time, many individuals and family units are facing the daily struggles of living within the poverty line. While most researchers can gauge in terms of population, there are numerous mechanisms working in it, such as social inequalities and diseases. We’re also familiar with the people living in poverty and the existing social inequality in Singapore and other first-world countries. It seems like these societal problems aren’t just exclusive to third-world countries. It’s almost ingrained in our society since the inception of civilisation.

Bringing light to these issues is considered a major challenge for many countries and even organisations—be it private or public. We thrive living on the means that we earn in a month. However, many families and other groups of people around the world are still living on the unfortunate pedestal of depravity and destitution. Children lack access to proper education, and many are struggling to meet ends and provide the food they need each day. Living in poverty bears genuine hardship that a lot of the middle and upper class barely experience and sometimes—witness.

Fighting Poverty With Volunteer Acts



Volunteer and charity work has become a valuable asset to counter poverty, even at a humbling scale. Volunteer acts (whether participating in charity or an organised event) are becoming an avenue for people to help people living in poverty, disaster victims, cancer patients, etc.

It is an open opportunity for every individual to share their talents, skills, knowledge, experience, and even wealth to contribute to a good humanitarian cause. It helps people use their abilities to achieve the greater good they wish to see. Whether it’s run by a private company, a religious or non-profit, or a secular organisation, people can choose which volunteer they can participate in.

It encourages people to help others and advocates to stand up to specific societal issues. After all, every individual has the right to be heard. Making an impact on your community makes a lot of change, not just for the people living in poverty. But for other people who are victims of abuse and inequalities.

There are several programmes that one can participate in, ranging from volunteer charity giving and community kitchens for those who cannot afford a meal. Each project seeks to nourish and provide relief for a group of people that cannot afford the essential needs to survive. In some cases, education (such as workshops), shelter, clothing and food are what most organisations can provide.

Volunteering As An Individual


Volunteering and joining an organisation is not just about what you are good at— it’s also about aligning what your passion is. One can do several things to contribute to a cause, whether you have plans for helping vulnerable groups in the community or have a strong likeness to a specific hobby or activity. For instance, if you enjoy or have a passion for cooking, you can participate in a community kitchen or feeding program. If you like music but haven’t worked out on it, you can combine it with charitable or volunteer work.

If you’re also considering participating in volunteer programs, you need to think about how much time you’re willing to give. Decide how many hours in a given day and how many days in a week can you donate before you decide to join one. In some scenarios, you might be only able to visit the volunteer organisation every weekend. It’s essential that you consider this since it will help you determine what you can expect to provide or work on as a member and what other works are involved.

There are numerous volunteers and even charity organisations you can find online if you’re willing to contribute to a good cause. Some groups may be more focused on providing aid to vulnerable groups in the community. Others have programmes revolving on providing disaster relief goods. If you’re looking for a group to join online, you should consider evaluating and checking the background. Allow yourself to know about these organisations, know what they stand for, how many members they have and are they recognised in the local scene.

Global/Overseas Volunteer



While volunteering in the local volunteer scene can be rewarding and fulfilling, working with an international group is another different experience. However, global volunteering will require more time and effort since volunteers will be sent to other countries. The most known impact of overseas volunteers is providing manpower for constructing infrastructures, health centres and meal programs in remote places.

In most cases, volunteers must prepare themselves and understand that not all volunteers abroad are free. Whether it’s about helping people living in poverty or constructing a home, you’re most likely to pay for the What it means that you’ll be paying yourself to travel abroad.

However, you can also find other individuals or groups willing to provide volunteer abroad scholarships or sponsorship programs. Nonetheless, understand that abroad volunteers demand a lot, timewise and money-wise. But it offers life-changing experiences, and it can even help you land a job if you’re fortunate enough!

Final Thoughts

Poverty is an undying disease in today’s world. Nonetheless, donating your time and effort can help provide relief in the community where you belong by joining volunteer organisations. Understand that it takes another helping hand to those in need, and it only takes that to make a change in someone else’s lives and in the world.

If you want to learn more stories from people living in poverty or those who experienced educational inequality, visit The Best Of You website.