A Look into Long Island Real Estate Attorneys


Real Estate Attorneys are legal experts in the field of properties, starting from disputes to regular transactions. Real estate attorneys can also help their clients through all aspects of the deal. The Title

Deed, a mortgage with banks can be scrutinized and declared acceptable by the Attorneys. On the other hand, they can help clients to sell their properties when necessary and make sure they get a good price. Real Estate Attorneys need a sound knowledge of the real estate under their control and knowledge to invest wisely. A thorough working knowledge of the Law in relation to Real Estate of the place where the property is situated, is needed. At the same time, an agent must be on his guard against unscrupulous clients. It is a high-risk business but pays handsomely if the investment bears fruit.

To help you further, here is a list of Long Island Real Estate Attorneys:

  • Susan J. Hermer’s Law Office: With over 31 years of legal practice with success, and at reasonable and affordable rates, free consultations, Susan is among the best in the area.
  • Weidenbaum and Harari: Located in midtown Manhattan, is known for their successful practice over the span of years. Weidenbaum and Harari’s law offices offer both large scale firm experience along with personal consultations.
  • Law Office of Joseph Marino: Founded in 2008, Joseph’s consultancy is the one to opt for if you are looking for convenience.
  • Cathleen Benedetto Attorney at Law: Specializing in real estate disputes, Cathleen Benedetto is an experienced attorney who can be of great help to you.
  • Christopher J Coiro PC: Mostly works as a representation of purchasers or seller of real estate, both residential and commercial.

This list will enable you to find a Long Island Real Estate Attorney at the most affordable rate for your property solutions.