A Simple Guide To Planning For A Funeral Service


It’s not easy talking about funerals. It can be overwhelming to think about the plans you wish for yourself or a loved one, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Discussing end-of-life wishes can be made easier with the right strategy in place.

There are many things to consider when planning for a funeral. You’ll have to arrange transport, choose the right funeral home, and decide which items to use, such as cemetery saddle flowers. Looking up “mortuary services near me” and figuring out what to do amid the grieving process is taxing, so we put together this guide to help you manage funeral services.

Look For Loved One’s Pre-Arrangements

There’s a chance your loved one may have left behind information on their pre-arranged funeral plans. These could be a written wish for memorial services or insurance to cover costs. If they have reached out to a funeral home, contact them. Any pre-arrangements will lessen the stress for the grieving family and could cut expenses.

Understand The Three Components

You’ll need to know what happens during a funeral. The funeral events are composed of preparing the corpse, holding the ceremony, and managing the burial. Each one will require your decision on how they’ll be carried out. The first will let you choose between embalming or cremation. The ceremony can be DIY or full service at a funeral home. The last can be a burial in a tomb, the ground, or the scattering of ashes.

Collect Obituary Information

Reach out to loved ones and inquire them about the deceased’s personal information you can put in the obituary. Compile dates for birth and death, family members, and work. Recount details of their life and add a special message or poem to make the obituary more memorable.

Find A Funeral Home

It is best to pick a funeral home from recommendations or referrals from a friend or family. You’ll need to choose which will suit your needs best, so search diligently. Once you have collected two or more suggestions, arrange a call for each and discuss the budget and goals, then determine your decision there.

Choose The Type of Funeral Service

There are many services available for you to hold: cremation, traditional burial, green burial, mausoleums, and many more. If you’re deceased loved one didn’t leave behind the desired service in their wishes, you need to consider several factors when choosing from the available options. Will you cremate the body? If so, will you scatter the ashes or keep them in a beautiful urn? Do you think it’d be better if it’s in a casket? Will the casket be open or closed? Is it a religious burial or a non-religious one?Take your time to think carefully about it.  

Determine The Casket Or Cremation Container

Once you’ve decided on the service, it’s time to select which casket or urn to purchase. While you may buy these elsewhere, the funeral home must agree to use the coffin you’ve bought outside their services without charging additional fees. There are many designs, materials, and finishes to choose from, and the price will depend on those characteristics.

Select The Location

Where will your loved one be brought to a close? This step is perhaps the most difficult since your grief might make it harder to choose. It is practical to purchase a cemetery plot for location, but some might look into the type of cemetery. If you’re loved one was cremated, the final resting place can be decided later. Right now, it would benefit you to ask for advice from your family.

Don’t Forget The Details

Figure out which photos, videos, memorabilia, and other displays will be made for the arrangements during the service. Also include planning the post-service meals, the music to play, and whether you and your relatives will bury any heirlooms or items with the deceased. Lastly, determine which of your family and friends will actively participate in activities such as giving a eulogy or arranging transportation.


We understand how sorrowful it is to lose someone dear. We’ll want to give them a final farewell gift in the form of a well-thought-of funeral service. You are not alone in your grief.

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