Accessories For Everyday Life During The Camp


Also, we can’t forget about objects that we’ll use in our day-to-day camp! They are objects for cooking, lighting, and preserving food that will be used during the camping.

After all, the good thing about this list is that the items can be divided among the group, so it’s easier to carry everything you’ll need. Another critical point here, before starting the list, is to think about food, since depending on what you are going to eat, the list can vary.

However, to prepare a meal at camp, you will need to bring a stove and a gas canister. Of course, you can build a fire to prepare food too, and it’s best to have both options.

So, take matches and a lighter; always take a reserve if it gets wet or the lighter malfunctions. Objects such as cups, knives, plates, kettle, and pans, take only the essentials to eat and eat, don’t forget the cloth strainer for coffee! Also, an excellent multipurpose knife is great for camping.

So always carry a cooler to conserve food and water, don’t forget cleaning supplies and garbage bags. Take biodegradable products and avoid items that result in the garbage as much as possible, use products that can be reused.

Item Summary

  • Stove and a gas cylinder;
  • Matches and lighter;
  • Cups, knives, plates, kettle, and pans;
  • Cloth strainer;
  • Multipurpose knife;
  • Thermal bag;
  • Cleaning products and garbage bags.

Extra tips, what to take to camp

Also, if there is a river or lake in the place, don’t forget to bring appropriate clothes! Take two clothes changes a day and one or two extras for any needs. Also don’t forget to bring a slipper, a tarp to put on the floor in front of the tent is also lovely.

Umbrella, a bucket to get water, items for a barbecue on the first day, water squeezers, a string to hang something to dry, and a small shovel.

That way, you have a complete list of camping items! Now choose a location, set the date, separate everything and go in search of your adventure!