The Activities You Can Enjoy in Sailing Event of Sail Sabang 2017


Do you look for the best event that can make your spare time become so wonderful? If you do, it is actually so much recommended for you to witness the Sailing event of Sail Sabang 2017.  The reason why this sailing event can be so recommended for you is because it will definitely show you the fabulous yacht rally that involves so many participants from different countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and so on. Aside of that, this event will also give you the chance to explore the beauties of the sea in Indonesia as it is located in the Island of Weh, Sabang in Aceh Province. There are so many amazing beaches that can really offer you the mesmerizing views that will definitely drop your jaw. So then, it is no wonder if you will feel like you have found a little piece of the paradise in the country.

Furthermore, the outstanding Sailing event of Sail Sabang 2017 will not only offer you the yacht rally, but also some other very nice activities to enjoy, which are like:

  • Sabang Underwater Photography Competition

One of many activities during the sailing event is the Sabang Underwater Photography Competition. This particular competition will be held on 29th of November on the Gapang and Iboih Beach. Both of these beaches will definitely show you the most incredible underwater view that can please your eyes. So, it is obvious that it can be an interesting activity for you to do when you spend your time there.

  • Sabang Fair Bazaar and Expo

Then, the other activity that you cannot ignore when you come to the sailing event in Sabang is the Sabang Fair Bazaar and Expo. This specific activity, which will be started on 3rd to 4th of December, can be the perfect occasion for you who really want to find out the best souvenirs and accessories related to Sabang Sailing event. On the simple words, you can find all the authentic and exotic things that you can buy for your family and close friends once you have come to this bazaar.

  • Cultural Parade

Moreover, the best activity that you have to enjoy when you come to sailing event in Sabang is the Culture Parade. There will be a parade that will show you the stunning culture of the people in Sabang in the fun way. So then, you can find out the cultural side of the city and its people more. So, you will find that this activity can give you the different and unique experiences that you cannot forget so easily.

In conclusion, the awesome Sailing event of Sail Sabang 2017, which is actually the 9th series of Sailing Indonesia Event that started for the first time in Manado in 2009, will be held from 28th of November to 5th of December. So, you have to make sure that you never miss this sailing event. Thus, that is why it will be so much better for you to prepare yourself and time for this event.