Affordable workplace changes that your staff will love


Small changes can make a big difference – especially when it comes to your workplace. The problem is that for many businesses, money is tight at the moment, which can lead many business owners to think that they can’t afford to make changes. The good news is that there are simple and affordable changes that you can make to not only your workplace but the happiness of your staff too! 

Keep reading to find some of our favourite ideas. 

Workplace cleaning 

A clean workplace is not only happier but more productive. But cleaning is expensive, right? You need to hire staff, provide their equipment, and pay their equipment and wages don’t you? Not if you hire a facilities management company. They can ensure that all of your cleaning needs are taken care of for a fraction of what it would cost to do so in-house. The best part is that investing in professionals will not only improve the appearance of your workplace, but it improve the morale of your staff too as they will enjoy spending time in a cleaner environment. 

Workplace security

Security will protect you both from external and internal threats that could harm you, your employees, and your business. Luckily you don’t need to build huge fences and install laser grids to make a difference to your security. In fact, small changes like installing CCTV or getting a manned guard are not only affordable but will make a big difference to the overall security of your workplace. 

Reducing the size of your workplace

Contrary to what you make think, changing your workplace can actually be cost-effective. The trick is to downsize! The pandemic showed us that many businesses can run with their staff working fully or partially remotely. Embracing this change and making it permanent can allow you to reduce the size of your current workplace and in turn, save on your overhead expenses. 

A smaller office will bring the novelty of change, but also savings thanks to fewer overheads. Plus, you’ll be able to offer a better work-life balance to your staff, which will help them to be more productive for you! 

New items in your breakroom

Another small thing that you can change is your breakroom. Adding some new chairs or a new appliance can make a huge difference without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll be able to offer a little more to your staff which they will always appreciate. 

Wrapping Up

Changing your workplace doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As you can see, there are a number of changes that you can make that aren’t just affordable, but could even make you money!