Aha launched zombie reddy Telugu movie


Are you looking for something different than usual? Yes, you are, and so is everybody else. The lockdown has made our lives boring once again. We are caught up in that eat-sleep spiral again. It often ends up with us feeling frustrated at the end of the day. But don’t worry, we have a pill of entertainment for you. Watch movies online on the Aha OTT platform and give your brain a break from the usual boring content available online. The South Indian cinema is known for its unique content, especially Telugu movies. Movies that are not focused on a particular genre and explore various segments simultaneously are the specialty of Telugu cinema. Telugu movies don’t let the audience feel bored and engage them to finish the movie once they begin with it. And today, we have an extraordinary suggestion for you. It is the latest movie in Telugu cinema, Zombie Reddy.

Zombie Reddy

Release date: February 5, 2021

Running time: 125 minutes

Zombie Reddy is a 2021 Indian Telugu movie directed by Prasanth Varma. Tajuddin Sayed writes the dialogues. It is a zombie comedy movie that also revolves around the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Starring SajjaTeja as MarripalemObul Reddy alias “Mario,” Anandhi as Nandini Reddy/Sailaja Reddy, and Daksha Nagarkar as Maggie, this movie is an absolute savor to indulge in for comedy fans. Being the first zombie film in Telugu cinema, Zombie Reddy received a positive response for the excellent acting and storyline.

The movie accommodates a wide range of genres, including comedy and thriller well. It makes the movie an enjoyable experience and doesn’t let the audience get up from their seats. The dialogue delivery and punchlines make the audience go rolling on the floor laughing. Mark K. Robin gives the music of the movie. It is another reason why Zombie Reddy received the positive response it truly deserves. The movie starts with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing the nationwide lockdown to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus. A game designer with his friends, a wedding and village goons, and zombies! This movie is a must-watch for comedy fans.

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