All Fresh Condo Designs: What Are the Cards in Your Hand?

Home Improvement

Does the arrival of spring make you want to refresh your condo? Before embarking on the work, make sure you are well informed of your rights and obligations. Renovating in a condo implies respecting rules that should not be neglected, here are some of them.

Owning a condominium implies that you are subject to certain rules of divided ownership

Your unit is considered a private portion, however, certain restrictions apply if you wish to undertake renovations. Any project must respect the building regulations, not affect the rights of other co-owners, nor affect the destination of the building. Generally, the declaration of co-ownership document sets out the rights and obligations relating to the work. The nature of your renovation project determines the latitude you have, so it is essential to define it well.

Examples of work that you can undertake freely:

  • Painting
  • Laying a wall covering (wallpaper or other)
  • Change of one or more luminaires
  • Changing counter tops
  • Examples of work that requires the union’s approval:
  • Changing the floor covering
  • Modification of the plumbing
  • Modification of electrical installations
  • Modification or removal of a partition

Renovate into a condo rules

For any project that requires the approval of the syndicate, prepare a presentation by referring to your declaration of co-ownership. This is a good way to submit it in a compliant manner.If you are looking for condo interior design ideas, you can check out Swiss Interior Design in Singapore. 

Choose a certified contractor

Present your project to the union: nature of the project, plans, specifications

Present an estimate of the duration of the work

Never undertake work without first submitting a request. Wait until you have received the union’s approval before starting. Indeed, the union has the power to ask for an injunction to stop them. Note that even if you have received approval to carry out your renovations, the union can also take advantage of an injunction in the event of non-compliance with the initial agreement.

The condo has become the property of choice for young professionals who don’t want to break the bank by taking out a huge mortgage for a house in Montreal. These spaces are often considered temporary: they will serve for almost 10 years, while the family begins to grow, and then it will be the house in the suburbs that follows suit. However, its status as a “temporary property” should not fool you: a condo must be well decorated and be fitted out in such a way as to maximize your comfort!

Define your style

There is nothing worse than a home or condominium where the stylistic differences between rooms (and even within a room) literally assault you. Native American masks don’t pair well with Picasso paintings, you know! It is quite acceptable that you want to be original during your decoration moment; on the other hand, arrange for this originality to be more or less uniform.

Confused about how to arrange items together? In this case, do not hesitate to call on a relative or a friend for advice: this second opinion is never lost.

Don’t start from 0

If you start with a condo that you don’t like the appearance of, it will be difficult to be completely satisfied with it. If you are given the opportunity to choose the design of your condo, both in terms of finish and decorative inserts, you will already have a good foundation on which to build. Some promoters, go so far as to offer a complete design center where product choices are displayed.That’s a nice little extra.