All You Need To Know About Various Types of Pearl Colours


Pearls are available in different variety of colours and texture. It all depends on the choice of the persona and the colour that he/she likes.

Here is a guide to the different colours in which pearls are available in the market.

White pearls

White pearls are being used since ancient times by humans. This is because of the versatility and the elegance that this colour provides to the pearls. These pearls vary in size in which they are available and can range from 1 mm to 20 mm. These pearls are popularly used in weddings because of their association with purity.

Black pearls

Dark pearls appear very exotic and are one of the rarest pearls found naturally. There are only one species of natural black pearls found in nature which is the Tahitian pearls found in French Polynesia. Their size varies from 8 mm to 16 mm. Black pearl jewelry forms one of the most popular and beautiful jewellery.

Golden pearls

The naturally coloured golden pearls are luxurious and opulent. There are numerous textures available of these pearls ranging from pale champagne to 24K pure gold hues. The legend says that these pearls bring prosperity and wealth to their owners.

Peach and pink pearls

There are numerous overtones found on these pearls which are available in the shades of gold, green, rose hues and aquamarine. When mixed with yellow gold, it forms a very warm texture and enhances the sparkle of the pearl.

Blue pearls

These are also another unique pearls and the true pure blue pearls are actually considered as one of the wonders of the world. These range from midnight blue to light sky blue. These are naturally found in Vietnam and Japan which were formed as a result for the metabolic disorder in the region.

Chocolate pearls

These colours are obtained by dying naturally available pearls. It forms an interesting combination when contrasted with white gold and gives a unique tone.


Hence, one must have prior knowledge about pearls before buying them. It is necessary that a person knows about all these different colours and different properties related to each of these pearls.