Avoid Drug Rehab Scams and Find Quality Addiction Treatment in Houston


Addiction treatment centers and sober living homes are springing up all over the country as more people struggle with addiction. Unfortunately, the amount of horror stories from individuals and their families who have been duped by facilities that do not provide proper treatment and are instead meant to exploit those battling with addiction is on the rise. While it is critical to get therapy as quickly as possible, taking the time to choose the correct treatment facility can make all the difference. When seeking assistance, do your homework and keep an eye out for red signals to ensure you get the treatment you deserve.

Signs of a Scam Drug Rehab

1. Guaranteed Recovery

Even the most reputable addiction treatment facilities cannot guarantee that you will be sober in 30 days. Addiction is a lifelong journey that you and your dedication to sobriety play a big role in shaping. Any treatment or sober living house that claims to be able to heal your addiction is taking advantage of your desire to recover. While abstinence is the goal, no reputable facility can claim a success record of 100%. Instead, look for facilities that have a quality program, are open about what they provide, have a team of registered and accredited medical and addiction treatment professionals on staff, and provide services and support even after you’ve completed treatment.

2. Treatment is only available as an outpatient.

This does not necessarily indicate that the program is a scam, but if residential care is not provided, you should absolutely ask further questions. It’s possible that this is yet more sign that the program only exists in name.

Limited Treatment Options

There isn’t much else on offer besides detox. Detox is necessary, but it should be part of a long-term plan that incorporates therapies such as 12-Step programs and group and one-on-one counseling.

3. No Staff

This indicates that the “therapy” facility’s sole purpose is to serve as a physical address for the phony program.

What To Search for in a Rehab Facility?

Look for these features if you want the greatest possible care:

1. Former Patients’ Positive Online Reviews

Search for “reviews” and the center’s name. There should be a lot of good input. The reviews should be detailed and not all sound the same.

2. Accreditation

A third-party organization that certifies quality care has authorized the program. Muse The Joint Commission International, the world’s largest healthcare accrediting agency, has given treatment the gold seal of approval.

3. Individualized Treatment Plans

Every person’s addiction is unique. A good program recognizes this and tailors its care to the patient’s specific needs.

4. Treatment Alternatives

The program provides a number of treatment alternatives for various substance use disorders, as well as the ability to adopt customized treatment plan for each patient. These should be explained on the website and in other promotional materials for the program.

Taylor Recovery Center in Houston, TX offers comprehensive detox and rehab, as well as long-term follow-up care for most common substance use problems. Treatment is accessible in both residential and outpatient settings. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one receive treatment that is customized to your needs.