Back to school season the best time to earn extra income


While many parents complain that the back to school season is one of the most stressful seasons just because they have to incur huge expenses during this season there are parents who eagerly wait for this season. Yes that is right there are parents who wait for the back to school season because this is the time that they could actually be making some real money.

As a parent what do you do during the back to school season? You frantically search for the best school supplies online and you have a long list of items to purchase. You want to get it done as fast as you could. This makes you a highly prospective customer who is ready to spend a lot of money on the school supplies. By supplying to the needs of such parents, number of people make money. Instead of ordering their school backpacks from a retail store they order from a bulk backpack store. They use whatever they need to use and sell the remaining backpacks. Yes, this is how they make money.

Retail backpacks cost you anywhere from $20 to $50. There are backpacks that cost more than $100 but we are sticking to the most average price range. If you were to purchase your backpacks from a wholesale backpacks store it will cost you just $2.5 to $3. Even if you are going to sell the backpacks at $15 your customers would find you to be the cheapest  in the market and for you that is a killing profit because you would not have the huge overhead costs other retailers need to incur in running their store. You are likely to make more money per piece than an actual retailer.

Find the most trustworthy suppliers that you could possibly find. Select your wholesale backpacks stores based on the experience of the store and also based on the overall reputation. You need to be sure that the backpacks you order is of top notch quality if you want to resell them to the other parents in your neighborhood. You cannot order your backpacks from any random supplier. This involves a certain amount of effort from your part but the effort is worth taking as you will be saving and making a lot of money. There are many dependable online wholesale stores for you to consider. You will find them as long as you are ready to look for them in the right places for long enough.

Many people just rush to place the orders from random stores without checking the credibility of their suppliers. You should not make such mistakes when ordering wholesale backpacks because if you do, you would be left with an entire case of substandard quality backpack not knowing what to do with them. It is up to you to make the right choices by taking those extra few minutes to read customer reviews and ratings before placing the order.