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Bargain Shopping in Jakarta


For, aside from being the center of international branded things, top designers fashion, and distinctive goods in Indonesia, Jakarta can be a hotspot for bulk and Bargain Shopping in Jakarta.

So here are among a few of the hotspots in Jakarta to your Ideal spending budget shopping:

1 | ITC (International Trade Center) Mangga Dua

This is a shopping paradise, the favored destination, not only for domestic visitors but additionally for all those from neighboring Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, in which the variety of imported and household goods are readily available.  Here, you’ll find whatever you may desire, from erased winter garments, boots, to flimsy panties, fashion wear, perfumes, infant’s outfits to refrigerator magnets along with other tiny souvenirs in large quantities which you may wish to give out as your tokens of thanks to weddings guests. Whenever you decide to visit Mangga Dua, better have ready your shopping list, ideally purchase in large amounts as this can be, in fact, a commercial area.

Two | Pasar Baru

Literally interpreted as “The New Market”, Pasar Baru is actually one of the earliest shopping malls within the city, having been built in 1820. Today, after several years, Pasar Baru, which is situated close to the Lapangan Banteng still maintains its past popularity. Observe and you’ll see various shops, many owned by people of Indian descent living in Jakarta, which, for this reason, it’s sometimes called “small India”. Pasar Baru Street which is available only for pedestrians, is lined with many shops, restaurants and several shopping malls. Majority of the shops here sell fabrics, shoes, clothing along with other fashion items, such as sportswear, watches, and jewelry. Whilst the shopping malls on the north side focus on selling makeup, cameras and photographic products.

3 | Blok M

Regardless if you’re looking for that great deal or take from the sights and sounds of the city, Blok M (or the M Block) in Kebayoran area, South Jakarta, is definitely worth a stop. The main shopping malls here are the Blok M Square and Blok M Plaza. In Blok M, you will get everything you need at discounted prices. From the mega-complex you’ll find a grocery store, clothing stalls, jewelry, art, glasses, toys, cell phones, gadgets, cameras and electronic kiosks; anything and everything you can think of is available at Blok M Square. Don’t forget to practice your bargaining skills since this is the perfect spot to do get the best bargain.

4 | Tanah Abang Market

With respect to bulk and wholesale shopping, Tanah Abang Market is the ultimate hotspot. Based in the heart of the town, Tanah Abang has been famous for centuries for its wholesale and raw materials. Tanah Abang is known as the biggest textile and garment center in Southeast Asia. With more than five shopping areas, Tanah Abang is an incredibly massive shopping area, so if you’re here for the very first time, beware of your surroundings since you may easily get lost.