Be an intern- Enhance your employability


Whenever a company hires a fresher, they know what they are in for. Hours and hours of a skilled human resource will be put into training a fresher to prepare them for doing the job they are already being paid for.

To acquire the required skill set and gain that expertise over the particular niche of work that a company is doing, an employee has to be trained, and that is exactly what makes it difficult for the companies to hire á fresher.

But what if a fresher coming straight out of an educational institute already has some experience? Doesn’t that make hiring him/her a better decision?
This is exactly where Internship comes to play.


Most companies are looking out for a proof that you can do the job they are asking you to do. Internship- is that proof of your employability and suitability.
Internship can be either optional or non-optional as a part of your degree/diploma. Apart from the experience gained from your internship you should be able to articulate into nice words like this review about PGP graduate placement and tell the employer that this is what you have already done, gained this experience in a working environment and you are ready for more.

Benefits of An internship

The Internships are usually paid, so gaining some extra income never hurts anyone. Also, the skills and the experience of the organizational environment make you ready for the future and also tell you exactly what you want and don’t want from the job. This is something no text book will ever tell you. These skills are what employer’s value.
Not only you gain responsibility, which is something students greatly lack, but you also learn to be politically correct which helps you in the future. Your internship or your part time job is an excellent way to gain interpersonal and organizational skills.

Gaining contacts

During an internship, you work with the people who have been in the industry for years, these are the people who can help you with great offers later, also, if later in life you need some work done, you will have a phone book full of contacts of skilled people.

Permanent position

If you are great at your job, and you love being in the organisation, you manager/owner might find it difficult to lose a great talent like yours and might ask you to work for them permanently. This is something that happens routinely, because the employer doesn’t have to train another person, and put in the same time and effort into another individual and train them to exactly do what you are already doing.

This will save you the hassle of campus placements, giving more exams and interviews, plus going through another training session and do a different kind of job.

Internships make you stand out of the crowd of students who come straight from the institute with only text-book knowledge and no real-world experience. This eliminates a whole lot of competition. This small time work experience is a link to your chosen career.
Always try and be an Intern before you decide to become an employee.