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Cast and crew

Actor: Prabhu Deva

Actress: Aishwarya Rajesh

Other characters: Satyam Rajesh, Kovai Sarala

Director: A.L.vijay

Producer: ShrutiNallapppa, PrateekChakravarty

Music director: Sam C S

Release date:  26th August 2018


The movie Lakshmi was directed by A.L. Vijay under the production of ShrutiNallappa. The movie is about a small girl who becomes inspirational by showing her interest and passion for dance.

Lakshmi is a dancer whose dream is to become a good dancer and win the ‘Pride of Life India Jr’ Tittle. And wants to show what she is to the whole world. She has started to dream from the young age of 10. With the help of Prabhu deva, she got a chance to perform. There she impresses everyone with her dance. Then she moves to the selection level where she doesn’t perform due to her wet heel. To know more about movies, watch the Lakshmi movie at Aha for the best entertainment.

Plus Points

Director A.L.Vijay has selected the best cast and mainly best the story to get the movie successful. The audience may be inspired because of the story as the girl shows her passion for her dream. The movie gives the best inspiration to the children who dream about becoming a dancer in their future generation.

Technical aspects

Conditions and locations are being used very well by the director for directing the movie. The cast also gave an equal response to the director for getting the movie successful. The cinematography was attractive, and BGM was enjoyable.


DityaBhande, who is named as Lakshmi, and she acted very well to gain more attraction towards her in the movie. Other characters also performed well to fulfill their roles. Prabhu deva showed his class by acting and helping her to do the best performance at all levels.


The movie has a good theme and also got a good name as the story is wonderful. The cast has been the biggest weapon to the director, where he has succeeded in directing the movie in a good version. Overall by watching movies, people, as well as children, will be entertained as well as inspired by seeing the passion in her about her dream.


The movie ‘Lakshmi’ gives the best message to the children how to interact with their dreams and how to achieve their dreams by hardworking nature. It also shows the importance of life to everyone.

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