Belyashi: it’s a Tatar cake!


Belyashi is a national Tatar cake , it has been made from a combination of juicy minced beef and crunchy onions .

what kind of onion should we use to make Belyashi ?

how to make Belyashi?

This is the question you have to mind . don’t worry ,I will tell you all the tips to have savory Belyashi for dinner , launch or evening meal . remember , too , that the quality of this nutrition depends on its batter . everyone who has eaten says it is better than the rest of the cakes. Belyashi’s dough is so soft . depending on its appearance , it will be called by different names . no matter what the name they call it , its important to have a pleasant taste . granted not too much food is healthy , but in winter you need more calories , Belyashi is best choice . do you agree ?


At the bottom I will give you a simple recipe that follows . your Belyashi will be tasty , juicy filling , and have soft dough , by following these tips .

Assembly instructions :

You need flour , milk , egg , yeast ,beef , mayonnaise , onion , olive oil , soda ,pepper , sugar and salt .

Heat milk . in bowl mix salt , sugar , yeast and soda , then add warm milk , egg , mayonnaise and stir . little by little add sifted flour , knead . take small ball of dough and set aside . then cover parts and wait for an hour to rise . making Belyashi dough is important step in Belyashis recipe . for filling mix meat , olive oil , salt , pepper and onion , put them in dough level it , and fry .

Each chef has his own recipe for Belyashi. One knead dough with milk , other with water . some chefs use yeast , some one use kefir .if you make Belyashi by milk it will be tight and abstract lots of oil when you fry Belyashi .it seems preparing dough with water is better since Belyashi would not be greasy .

Notice that dough should be soft and sticky , so don’t knead it a lot with flour . sprinkle flour on the table , and makes your hands greasy . don’t add other spices on it . the main one is salt and pepper , don’t forget them . the onion alone cannot taste it , its just to juicy the beef . use as little oil as possible .

belyashi recipe

Extra onion make Belyashi yummy . it doesn’t hurt to try it . grind beef or lamb by their fat . add a low water to the stock meat to be juicy . use big pan for frying Belyashi . pour in half of the pan . you can the oil and pour into the bottle and use again . reduce the flame so that the Belyashi does not burn and the oil is not consumed and fry well . if you use raw beef you should fry Belyashi more , fry each side for 5 minute if you bake beef you need less time . another thing to keep in mind is that you can also use mutton , but flavor of turkey and beef is great . if you have time sift flour 3 times . to have spongy dough . do all this step like what I said and have enjoyable day by your fried Belyashi .

belyashi -

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