Best cybersecurity measures that matter for every business!


It’s a common myth that only big companies are at risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. Numerous reports have pointed out how small & growing businesses have paid the price of not taking cybersecurity on priority. Recent regulations and privacy laws may make cybersecurity more of a compliance matter, but there’s more to it. Cybersecurity is about being proactive, having a clear set of policies and measures. From hiring ethical hackers to get cameras hacked, to hiring cybersecurity experts for training employees, each step goes a long way. In this post, we are discussing some of the best cybersecurity measures that every business needs to adopt.

Start with basic practices

  1. All default passwords must be changed immediately.
  2. New and existing passwords must be strong, have special characters and numbers.
  3. Employees should use a password manager for managing details.
  4. All software, firmware and operating systems must be updated.
  5. Old software, especially legacy software, that’s not in use must be removed/uninstalled.
  6. There should be a clear incident response plan.
  7. All networked devices must be placed behind firewalls.
  8. Antimalware, and antivirus software must be deployed.

Get your employees involved

People working for a small business are responsible for ensuring security on the frontline, and there cannot be a cybersecurity policy that excludes them. Get professional experts to train people for safer browsing practices, how to watch for suspicious emails, and figure out common cybersecurity threats. Your employees have to be aware of the risks related to cybersecurity, so as to take necessary steps.

Focus on access rights

Access right management is an aspect that needs immediate attention. As employees join, leave, get promoted, or switch departments, their rights to access information, resources, data and sensitive systems have to be updated. This must be done in real time, and it is even more important for some of the privilege users. Ensure that you have an Identity & Access Management suite in place, and if you don’t have one, do have a system that manages access rights in real time.

Hire ethical hackers

Contrary to what many small business owners may believe, hiring ethical hackers, or running a bug bounty program doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can be hard to find flaws within the cybersecurity perimeters, and that’s where ethical hackers can help. They can find security vulnerabilities, for which they are rewarded.

Take the step forward towards cybersecurity. Every small one counts.