Best Plans of Max Bupa Health Insurance Available in India


Max Bupa health insurance is the strong safety net you need when you decide to keep yourself financially secure. The health plans from the Company serve as a large umbrella to protect you as you deal with unexpected injuries or illnesses. By buying one such plan, you can expect to get timely medical help at all times. Additionally, you can remain calm with respect to your finances as you tread on the path of recovery. The same coverage is available for your family members and other loved ones.

Given below are the steps for filing successful reimbursement claims with Max Bupa. We also help you know more about the popular Max Bupa health insurance plans that are making waves in the general insurance market in India.

How Is the Coverage Amount Reimbursed?

It is essential that you notify the company within 48 hours of being admitted to a hospital. The hospitalization services selected by you may or may not belong to Max Bupa’s network of hospital and nursing centres. Once the admission formalities are over, you need to pay to the hospital directly. The following steps will help you get timely reimbursements of your coverage amount.

Step 1: Start the claim process

Upon discharge, collect all the relevant documents, medical reports, discharge certificate, and invoices in original to facilitate the reimbursement process.

Step 2: File the claim

Send the documents as well as the claim form to Max Bupa. The form has to be filled accurately and signed by the insured; it has to be filed along with the valid ID and age proofs. If you are wondering where to get the claim form from, simply log on to the official website of Max Bupa or find the same as an addendum to your policy document.

Step 3: Wait for approval

The claim request filed by you will be assessed and reviewed. It may be approved, queried, or rejected as per the underlying terms and conditions of the Max Bupa health insurance plan taken up by you.

Step 4: Get reimbursed

Once the claim is approved and settled, the sanctioned amount will be reimbursed to your account directly.

Know Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

The following Max Bupa health insurance plans can be compared and purchased online on reliable insurance sites like Given below is a quick overview of the best health plans that the Company has on offer.

1. GoActiveTM family floater plan

GoActiveTM aims at providing a happy living through a healthy living. The comprehensive health insurance plan ensures complete happiness and overall wellness for yourself and your family members. It covers much more than mere hospitalization expenses and strives to take care of the overall health conditions of the insured.

Pocket-friendly to the core, GoActiveTM is designed to offer the key benefits of OPD Consultations, Health Coach, I-Protect, and more.

2. Heartbeat family floater

The Heartbeat family floater plan by Max Bupa provides comprehensive blanket coverage for most medical expenses incurred. This plan is easy to understand and buy. It provides total health coverage to the tune of INR 1 Crore. The Heartbeat plan is applicable to traditional joint family settings in India wherein up to 14 family members and relationships are covered.

There is an individual sum assured for each member present in the group. Alongside, there is a floater sum assured that comes in useful for any insured family member.

3. Health companion family floater

‘Health Companion’ is both comprehensive and affordable. It is an appropriate health plan for individuals and nuclear family needs. As a policyholder, you may look forward to getting the benefits of direct claim settlement, assured life-long renewal, cashless facility, etc.

The Health Companion plan helps you take care of the eventualities of illnesses, badly timed ailments, and health scares. It takes off your pressures of falling into debt as you keep yourself and your family protected via a robust health insurance plan.

Buy the Best Health Insurance Plan Online

Log on to to buy the best health coverage at low premiums. Stay financially protected as you go about the task of taking care of your health. The good thing about Max Bupa health plans is that you may opt for comprehensive cover for all family members at one go; that too at reduced costs!