Best Way to Handle Scam On Cam


Adult cam can lead to blackmail. This particularly worrying phenomenon allows unscrupulous people to get rich by destroying the lives of some Internet users. The blackmail to the webcam is indeed to seduce a person on the Internet, to put enough confidence to succeed in having photos or videos of her in unflattering positions and threatening to disclose on the web if the amount claimed is not accepted.

Where Does Facebook Start Blackmail?

In most cases, these imposters find their targets on dating sites for their webcam scam, but Facebook is also a good way to find people who are likely to be receptive to such an attack. Some profiles are not secure enough, and some private information appears in public mode.

Two Ways to Detect Imposters

· The False Profile

The imposter creates a false profile from a stolen photo either on another profile or on the Internet photos of an actress, a model, an actress X for example. There’s not a pretty girl behind the screen, as you can imagine, but several men who try to seduce their victim with every possible means. They are working together, blurring the tracks. They often connect with each other from cyber cafes.

· Message Exchange

The imposter is exchanging messages with his prey. Usually, he’s talking about his job, his family, etc. Naturally, everything is wrong. If someone unknown to the interesting profile picture contacts you on Facebook, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing it not exchange information with a web scammer. To do this, go to his profile and observe the information that your contact has shared on his wall, in his about, etc. Type his name and first name on Google and see if that person seems to exist. We all leave traces on the Internet: sports challenges, companies, forums, etc. it’s rare not to appear at all in Google’s results. If your contact has a profession that says he should have a website or appear in a directory and he is not there, you can either ask him to be accountable or just start to be suspicious.

What to do to Detect Scam

Take a picture of his profile and open it to get his URL in a new tab. Simultaneously, open a Google Images page, then grab the profile photo of your contact and drag it to the Google Images window to see the results and see if you are dealing with a real anonymous person or if the photo exists elsewhere, on sites that have nothing to do with your contact activity. Most often, we notice that the photo is used on several other profiles.