Burn-In Testing For Electronic Devices: 2 Types Of Burn-In Test


A burn in test is conducted for testing electrical products and detecting early and possible malfunctions. During the burn in test, a burn in system is used to perform thermal or environmental stress to screen the quality of the product. The burn-in testing typically lasts for 48-200 hours, depending on how the product would manage. There are two types of burn-in tests that can serve any device.

1. Dynamic burn in test

Dynamic burn-in tests expose the device to high voltage and temperature. This type of burn in test utilises high-temperature operating life (HTOL) testing. The burn-in service connects input stimuli to observe how the device would react to extreme voltage and temperature. A dynamic burn in test stresses more internal circuit nodes of the device to check for further malfunctions in the system.

2. Static burn in test

While static burn in tests applies elevated constant voltage and temperature without operating the device. The device is exposed to the burn in system for a limited period. A static burn in test is cost-saving, but it’s only limited to simulating half of the circuit nodes on a device, unlike dynamic burn in tests.

Some of the devices that undergo burn-in tests and reliability test services are:

  1. Desktop monitors, keyboards, and CPU,
  2. RAM storage devices,
  3. Desktop webcams, laptop cameras, and CCTV cameras,
  4. Printers and FAX machines,
  5. Hard drives, SSDs, flash drives,
  6. Sound Cards and microphones; and
  7. Serial, USB, and parallel ports.

The process of a burn in test will require more time as it requires more attempts. Each device goes through many stages to weed out failures in the internal and external factors of the device. Reliability test services come into play to test the lifespan of the device. They conduct different environmental tests to observe how and when the device will wear out. The whole process eliminates the products that won’t meet the market’s standards and regulations.

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