Can these mGamer hacks really save your game? Check out now


MGamer is a gaming platform that involves playing video games for cash. It also allows earning recreation cash carrying out various tasks like viewing adverts, watching movies, and filling surveys. Once you complete the task, you will get some coins. So, if you are a video game fan, this is the app for you.

Even though mGamer does not give real cash, it allows you to save money that you earn from other apps. In other terms, you can use the bonus you make in other apps that give real cash. You can earn either a gem, coin, or power-up bonus. Alternatively, you can play various games on the Getmega app and earn real money.

There are mGamer hacks and tricks that you can use to save your game.

How to play games on the mGamer platform

The first step of playing games on mGamer is to download the app. Then register to be a user of the app. You will need to give your details, including your name and contact number. Once you are done with registration, you will be awarded a signup bonus and receive your referral code. The code will help to invite others into the app. When you invite your friend through your code, you will receive bonus coins or gems.

Once you are done signing up, the remaining bit is to choose a game to play. Playing on mGamer is easy, there are a variety of options games to choose from. Suppose you are a beginner starting with small games that require fewer skills and then advance as you go on. It has simple games like touch piano, fly bird, checker, etc. remember, you can play the same games on Getmega and earn real cash.

MGamer hacks

The real question is, can these mGamer hacks save your game? This question will be answered as we look at each hack.

Use the referral code.

Since the app’s main aim is to earn the bonus for other apps, you do not need to rely on games only. 

Invite your family members, friends, and colleagues through your referral code. As you do so, your bonus will increase just like if you played a game.

Go for minimum effort and not maximum gain.

Why? This is because those games that require less effort to play are easier to complete. On the other hand, if you go for activities with many bonuses, you will be disappointed because they are likely to be complicated.

Participate in the online survey

Survey is another way to earn a bonus in mGamer apps. You will be required to give your view about specific products or services.

Convert your coins to other apps.

MGamer does not give real cash but coins and gems. These coins can be used in other apps like free fire diamonds or get a shopping gift voucher card from shopping apps. If you want real cash, you can also convert your coin to Paytm. Most people prefer using the coins and bonuses in other apps because they have a greater value than cash.

Choose playtime games

The benefits of these games are that you get coins after one minute. So, it means you will earn more if you play for a longer time.

Connect your mGamer to your apps

This applies to those who have external apps that use gems and power-ups. If you connect your mGamer to these apps, it will be easier to transfer them.

Play easy games

It is advisable to play games that are easy and familiar. This is because it will be easy to win and earn gems.


Playing games on mGamer is a great way to promote your investment apps. mGamer hack provided above can help you earn more bonuses that will help you save your game in other apps. If you want to make real cash by playing online games, then Getmega is the game for you.