Causes, Complications and Cures for Blocked Commercial Drains

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The drainage system is what ensures your commercial building is a dry, clean and healthy place to work in. Because the drains and pipes of the plumbing system are out of sight and typically work like they should, it is common to take them for granted. Commercial property owners commonly only pay attention to the drains and the possibility of a clog after the damage is done. Ideally commercial property owners should know what causes clogged drains, how to prevent the problem and how to deal with problem, including contacting a plumber experienced in commercial drain clearing.

Preventing Drain Blockage

In most situations, the best way to deal with a drain problem is to prevent the problems from happening in the first place. The most common cause of drain blockages are a buildup of commercial waste. It is best to try to minimize this problem by not using toilets as a garbage can, placing strainers into plugholes to catch pieces of broken soap, hair and food waste and on a weekly basis, flush the drains with hot water.

Cause of Blocked Drains

All drains, whether they are domestic or commercial will inevitably experience blockage problems at some point in their lifespan. These are primarily build-ups on the inside of the pipes consisting of substances, such as grease, silt, leaves and debris. Not only will these deposits reduce the efficiency of the drains, but if these deposits are left to continue building up, over time they will cause a blockage. When the drains are blocked, the water trying escape cannot flow through the drain; instead it fills the pipe and backs up to its source, which may lead to flooding. The source can be anything from a sink to the toilet bowl. Not only does this cause water damage to the structure of the property, but it may damage the wiring and appliance to the point of being beyond repair.

Commercial Drain Clearing

If the drains do become blocked, there are several options available through a commercial plumber. In many situations, the best cleaning method involves high pressure water jetting, which is the quickest, simplest and most effective way to clear a blocked drain. This method uses a continuous jet of water that is pushed into the pipe allowing the water to blast away the deposits and blockages, which are expelled out of the pipe. Another common resource for commercial drain cleaning is snaking, which involves the use of a type of flexible rod that is placed through the drain and into the pipe. This method is ideal for removing hard debris, such as tree roots, lime scale, compacted leaves and other types of foreign objects.

When drains are clogged at your commercial property, it is recommended that you consult with a professional plumbing company experienced with commercial drain clearing. It most situations, it is more economical and safer for a commercial plumber to use a high pressure power jet to clean the drain than for a property owner to risk damaging the plumbing system.