Choose The Perfect Rug With Right Rug Pile Height

Home Improvement

A beautiful rug changes the interior ambiance of a home. Be it hand-woven or machine made rugs play an essential part reflecting our character &choices and our taste for art. Rugs are often considered a piece of artwork be it traditional or modern. However, while choosing a rug we should select the rug’s pile to add perks to our home design.

The Perfect Rug Pile Height

The height of the fibers of a rug is known as rug pile height. A thick carpet looks elegant and gives a premium feeling to our feet, but it may not always be better. Thicker rugs are often used in areas where there s high movement and usually wears out quickly. Rugs with short piles in them last longer as they can be easily vacuumed cleaner and maintained better.

The Function Of The Rug

The purpose of a rug is not only to provide the aesthetic beauty of our home but also to provide some insulation from the temperature of the floor be it cold or hot. Rugs with long pile are used in areas where we want to have a luxurious feel. It is true that long pile rugs provide a more aesthetic look, but that often leaves furniture marks on them. The rugs with long piles wear out fast because of the foot traffic.

On the other hand, short pile rug is famous for its durability and toughness. They are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. One can get many designs on the short pile rugs and when laid in the specific area these design changes the picture magically. It can be used in the kitchen, guest rooms or the kids’ room where we can avoid being extravagant with the looks.

What To Choose

We can choose both the types of rugs depending upon the space where it is to be laid. The long pile rugs can be laid on the living room or the bedroom and the short pile rugs on other areas. Ultimately the carpet will give the area a different appealing look be its pile long or short.