Common Mistakes By Novice Poker Player


If you have been playing online poker for a while, it is very easy to identify beginners or “fish” at the table for some of your mistakes. Some players do not give up the habit of making some of these mistakes, even when they are more experienced. That’s because almost all of them are due to the temptation, the biggest enemy of the poker player. Here are, by far, the most frequent beginner mistakes in poker:

Playing bad hands

It seems that some beginners did not get a chance to check out the poker rooms so well. That is why most of them play as many hands as possible. This is perhaps because they have a “feeling” that their bad hand will do well, but most likely they will believe that a poker online player should win with any hand he/she has. It takes about a month for these guys to find out they are not in a James Bond movie, and until then they are easy prey for any online poker player.

Choosing the wrong limits

In some poker rooms, it is easier to get a good boost in your bankroll by playing at higher limits than the micro stakes. That’s because beginning players, just like everyone else, want to make the most of the time spent on a poker site. And they find that limits like a dollar or two are low enough for them to make a profit from the very first hands. That’s the reason most new online poker players go bankrupt very quickly and give up. Overcoming this mistake will be an arduous and expensive process, but once poker players know their potential and choose their limits wisely, your bankroll will start to increase exponentially.

Be dominated by emotion

The chat box on online poker sites is one of the most direct tools that give you a clue as to whether a player is new or not. They are more commonly used by beginners. Most of the time, this is where players display their frustration. As beginners do not know how to control their emotions in front of a bad beat, a good starting hand, a winning bet, and so on, they will express them here. However, even when the chat box is not used, you may still have a touch of emotion coming from one player or another. Note the actions of a player after losing a big bet. If he/she continues to bet high on the next hand, it is likely that he/she wants to make up for the previous loss by risking more chips. And most of the time they do it with horrible starting hands.

Blur excessively

It is a fact that bluffing is a pretty and common strategy in online poker. No one can see behind your desktop avatar, so why not go after him? Well, there are limits to bluffing, limits that beginners do not seem to understand. Its okay to bluff once, maybe twice, but you should not base your entire game or most of it on bluffing. Especially after you get caught several times. Beginners do not care much about credibility, and so they bluff even if they’ve been caught doing this several times before. And once you realize that, they are easy prey.

Of course, there are many other typical mistakes that beginners make. The best way to find them is to start playing in your usual poker online room and be careful in identifying them. What error in the above list do you think is more prevalent? There is only one way to find out!