When you’re a first-time cruiser and you’ve purchased an all-inclusive package, you’ll surely think that you don’t have to worry about other services that are being offered on board. But always remember that all cruise line companies have hidden cruise fees and policy when it comes to tipping, room service, and more. We want you to set sail on worry-free vacation and also meeting your budget. And as you embark with your chosen cruise line and preferred destination, and been wanting to monitor your voyage, you can make use of this popular vessel tracker. It allows its users to have access to various significant information about the ship in just a click. No hassle, it is indeed easy to navigate.

We’ve listed here some cruise fees that might take you by surprise.

Room Service

Some cruise line companies offer free room service, however, some already implemented service charge for each order placed. To give you an idea, in Royal Caribbean, once you order from their All-Day Menu and American section of the breakfast menu, you’ll be paying approximately $8 per order except for Continental breakfast options. Norwegian also charges passengers the same but it does not apply to those in The Haven suite complex. Celebrity Cruises on the other hand charges around $5 for late-night orders ranging from 11 pm to 6 am. Carnival also does the same but starting from 10 pm up to 6 am.


On luxury Sunset cruise lines, gratuities are commonly included in the package that passengers paid for. But not on the mainstream lines since the gratuities are automatically being charged to one’s onboard account which is around $15 per person, per day. Those suite-level passengers usually pay a couple of dollars more per day. Those first-timer will be surprised especially if they haven’t scan through the fine print. Also, it eases the process of giving tips to every crew who’ve provided you excellent service throughout your sailing. Not everyone is covered under the auto-gratuity like the spa and beverage services which carries a gratuity surcharge of around $16.

Menu Items

Cruisers are aware that specialty restaurants onboard typically carry a fee knowing that it offers high-quality food and more intimate ambiance in comparison with the main dining room and even the buffet area. If ever you wanted to upgrade your meal, it’ll surely cost you and it is dependent on whether you are in the specialty venue or main dining room.

Corkage Fees

Most of the cruise line companies allow the passenger to bring either wine or champagne on board. But before anything else be sure to know specific cruise line limit on the number of bottles that passenger can bring onboard and often charge a corkage fee, however, most luxury cruise lines don’t apply the fee. If you want to drink your cabernet or merlot in the main dining room, you’ll probably pay around $20. It is suggested to consume the bottle inside your stateroom to prevent paying such fees.

Soda and bottled water

Most iced tea, lemonade, tea, milk, coffee, hot chocolate, and even breakfast juices are just complimentary on most cruise ships. But when it comes to soda and bottles of water, they are not free except for those luxury cruise companies. Onboard, a can of soda costs around $3 and $4 for a large bottle of water. If you want to save money, you can check with the cruise line company if you can bring your soda and water onboard. Another option is to purchase a soft drink package which costs around $10 per day for an adult.

Specialty Coffee

If you want to have a cup of free coffee, you can find it at the buffet or you can order in the main dining room. Majority of the cruise line companies’ specialty coffee a la carte price ranges from $2 to $6.

Spa areas

Not all cruise ships offer complimentary use of the spa-area saunas and steam rooms. Some cruise line companies charge per day or offer a package pass to its fancier hydrotherapy areas/thermal suites. To give you an idea, when you cruise with Carnival Cruises, their sauna and steam room can be accessed without extra cost but the thalassotherapy pool and thermal suites cost $40 per day. On Norwegian Cruise Line, they charge $199 per week which gives you access to the sauna, steam room, heated loungers, thalassotherapy pool, hot tubes, and other spa extras.

Sun Decks for Adults

In Princess Cruises, passengers can stay around in the Sanctuary with complimentary infused water and snacks but it’ll costs you $40 per day. If you work up a bigger appetite, there’s an additional $3 for food delivery. In Norwegian Cruise Lines, there’s the so-called Vibe Beach Club and Posh which will cost you $25 per day it is inclusive of a padded lounge chair, whirlpools, chilled towels, fruit skewers, and even water spritzers.

Onboard Activities

Some onboard activities are complimentary like the salsa classes and towel-folding demos though you’ll surely find some exciting activities that tend you to spend extra. Other activities that come with a fee include the Norwegian’s race car track and laser tag arena. When you cruise with Royal Caribbean, you can try out the driving simulator which is free on the first ride. There’s also the MSC Cruises’ zip line and F1 simulator that are popular to cruisers. Bowling can cost you around $40 for an hour of playtime. If you’re into arts, you can join fancy art classes such as Canvas by you at Norwegian Cruise Line and glass-blowing class where you’re at the Celebrity fleet.