How Are Custom Orthotics Made?


Today, everyone has heard about orthotics and the custom made ones, but do you really know the difference and how they are created. Those of you who think they need orthotics it is always safer to have this discussion with your podiatrist instead, so make sure to visit a clinic that offers podiatry Maroubra like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

Ordinary orthotics

There is nothing wrong with having off-the-shelf orthotics and inserts, but sometimes you might need an extra push. This is something that your podiatrist will be able to determine for you, because in many cases, the ordinary orthotics will be more than enough to help you with your condition, so do not jump to conclusions.

There is orthotics that comes with the ‘shoes’

Casting the foot

The first part of creating custom-made orthotics is casting the patient’s feet. Your podiatrist will examine your feet and legs, and then take the required measurements, ask you about your lifestyle and look at your shoes. After all of that, your podiatrist will then cast your feet. But, keep in mind that you need to be sitting or lying down when this is done, or be put in a neutral position.

After you leave

Once the examining of your legs and feet is done and the cast has been made, you will not be needed for some time. Your podiatrist will then take your cast to the mold where your custom orthotics will be made in a lab. Orthotics are then tested under great heat and some are pressed against a hard material. They are also made out of durable yet comfortable material.

The materials used

To be able to provide the best results, the orthotics need to be made from materials that are able to resist many different forces and motions, just like it was mentioned. Two main types of materials are used for creating orthotics: Plastics (Polypropylene mostly) and Graphite, which is lighter and thinner than plastics.

If you are interested about the materials, you should ask for custom orthotics Sydney by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry. Keep in mind that there will also be cushioning materials that will make you feel comfortable.

The difference between custom and regular orthotics

Many people tend to forget that the main difference between these orthotics is in the very name. Custom-made means that they are specially made for your feet, and they will probably not fit anyone else. They are not only molded just for your feet but also made just for your condition.


Custom orthotics can be made in different ways

This is why, custom-made orthotics also tend to be much more expensive, but that should be obvious. People think that purchasing custom-made orthotics is a waste of money, and that might be true if you do not need them, but if you do, they can save your life.

Listen to what your feet are telling you

Just like you would probably do with any other part of your body, if you feel pain or discomfort in your feet or legs, it is time to get it checked. Do not wait too long, because that might cause an even worse outcome. Make sure to visit your podiatrist on time, and listen to the doctor’s orders!

Final word

Don’t disregard custom-made orthotics just because they tend to be much more expensive because not all of them are. In many cases, you might only be required to purchase the usual orthotics and won’t even have to have these made, but this is something only your podiatrist can decide. Don’t pretend to be a doctor, and if your feet are hurting, visit a real podiatrist instead.