Difference Between Bathtub And Spa

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So, you decide to put a hot tub at home to relax at night, after work, and suddenly you discover that there is something called a spa. Well, here are the difference between them both


Bathtubs both for residential and commercial use are installed in bathrooms and internal areas of the house. Of course, they are usually installed for private use, that is, only for you and your family. Bathtubs are smaller, generally support a maximum of two people, and the only position to use a bathtub is normally lying down. Depth is also a feature that differs from bathtubs to spas. Generally, bathtubs have a depth of up to half a meter, up to fifty centimeters. Consequently, the amount of water that fits in a bathtub is much less than that that fits in a spa.

Also, for being smaller, the baths have fewer hydro devices and also fewer functionalities. Usually, you will find chromotherapy, hydromassage, in fact, and some other functions only.


Spa In general, and without much preciosity, we can define a spa as a giant bathtub. It usually comes with several other optional items, several additional functions, and a lot that would not come in a bathtub, but, as a rule, it is a big bathtub. The question of size justifies a lot. Because of its larger dimensions, the spa is usually installed outside the house and is aimed at collective use. Unlike the bathtub, which is used only by the owner and his spouse, the spa is usually used by close friends and even children.

They can be attached to swimming pools and installed in gardens, balconies, terraces, roofs, and other more reserved areas. Because it has a collective purpose, it is made to support a more significant number of people and, consequently, a greater volume of water. Unlike most hydro baths, the spas allow use in the sitting position and the lying position according to the chosen spa’s shape and dimensions. The depth of the spa can reach the mark of one meter, and, even so, it includes an enormous number of devices and functions. With more functions, relaxation tends to be greater and, therefore, its cost is higher. Whether spa or bathtub, help of a specialist company like climate control experts plumbing company amongst others is needed.